Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How can God be so awesome?

God is invisible. God is without any kind of limits. God is everywhere. God knows all. This all means we are nothing like God. We're mortal, and are limited by time and space and our incomplete knowledge of the universe, the world, and all it's occupants. We only know bits and pieces. Sometimes I think mankind has the foolish audacity to think we know more than God or even that we don't need God. Au contraire mon frere. We are part of God's creation and we will always,always need our Creator. He made us to need Him. We really can't make it from breath to breath without Him. How is it we get our little brains away from knowing that?  Just because we can't see Him, does not mean He does not exist. There are lots of things we can't see but trust that they are there. For instance, we know bacteria is on everything, but they're too minute to be seen, invisible to the naked eye. We know planets are out there far away in outer space, but too far away to be seen by our eyes, invisible, but still there. Just because we can't see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

The earth, wind, and sea, have the fingerprint of God

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God is bigger than big, we can't see His beginning or ending. His height or His depth. We are the small ones and we need to remember that. Man has to use materials made by God in order to build skyscraper buildings and bridges. They can be toppled and nothing compared to God's magnificent creation of the earth and the oceans, the moon and countless stars, other planets, the amazing animal kingdom, and those things we can't contain like the seasons, air, the wind, time, wisdom, and love.

The more I think about it, the more I'm in awe of God's awesomeness. It would probably take millions of lifetimes to see and grasp His creation. Yes, we need God. He is real, He is awesome in that He put it all here and we're here to enjoy being a part of this time in eternity. But this isn't all there is to it. There is more to come. This is not the real home of Christians, heaven is. Just seeing the beauty of earth, heaven is going to be so awesome and make for the next phase of life in a new body that will be much better than the one we now live in.

I'm not going to site scripture references that heaven is for those who ask Jesus to be their personal Savior and Lord, and Jesus was sent to us to be The Way, The Truth, and The Life by God's design. It's all in the Holy Book for anyone to read. You can believe it or not. God is awesome and I trust His Holy Word and know He wants all his precious loved creation, every man woman and child to accept His most precious gift of Jesus.  Yes, God can't be nothing but awesome in wanting all His creation to know His love for your eternal soul to be in heaven and his gift of Jesus is proof of that. Hooking up with Jesus, you'll have a resurrected body like His. Jesus died and after three days, was made alive again. The power of death He conquered. The power of sin He conquered.  Awesome in every way! That's my God! He's real and He's awesome!

How can God be so awesome? There's only one answer to that.  Because He's the one, true, awesome God. (He's the 'awe' in awesome and nothing can touch Him). I praise His awesomeness!

Loving and praising Him on that narrow road journey The Lord leads me.

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