Monday, March 21, 2011

Good life,regardless

I'm amazed when people excel despite hardships and struggles. It makes me wonder where do they get their strength, who is their model, what keeps them so positive and motivated?  What is their secret? What is their source of strength?

I came across these videos a couple years ago and revisit them and amazed each time I see this guy. I know you will be also.

Click here and view videos and be amazed at his contagious perseverance and inspirational message.  This is for real. This is great! This is inspiring!

So, if Nick Vujicic can be positive in life inspite of his shortcomings,  then what's keeping someone battling drugs, or a physical handicap, or living under any number of life struggles from seeking God's help and winning?  God is so able and willing. The question is are you willing to allow Him?  Something to think about today.

Remember, with God, Nothing Is Impossible!

With the Son, anything can be conquered
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Today,  just a bit further along the road of Faith feeling the warmth of the Son on my face

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