Thursday, March 31, 2011

God has the final say

No matter what the general consensus is, or the current acceptance of the masses, the real, only and final say will be God's.

God allows Man to go his way and make a mess of things. I  wonder why God allows this, but you nor I am privy to that info. So, man takes every opportunity to do as he pleases and gives seemingly intelligent excuses for doing so, not matter if it's off in far left field from the Word of God.

But in the end, it's not going to matter what you nor I say or think. Everything is going to be viewed and judged according to God's Word. And, His Word is constant and doesn't change with the wind or with time or with what's popular or hip this year or next year.

God is a Holy God. His Word prevails when everything else fails. I'm keeping that in my mind and trying my best to live my life knowing that one day I will have to give an account and face my maker. By no means am I squeaky clean.  But, I will know I will be judged righteously and pray God knows I did my best at keeping to His Word in living my life to obey, love and serve Him.

Of course, if anyone doesn't believe in anything of God, that's their right. You are free to have your opinions and beliefs. God gave that to all. He will not force anyone to come to Him. He wants it to be your willing choice to come to Him. But one day, all will bow on bended knee to the Lord and all eyes will know then that He is Lord.  On that day no one can deny the Lord. Jesus is Lord. Jesus is the Alpha and Omega. Jesus is the Living Word.

All praise and glory belong to the Lord God
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Man may have his say now. Hope it aligns with God's Word.

Stepping along the narrow path with the Son at my face.

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