Monday, July 25, 2011

What does same sex marriage lack?

Same sex marriage has recently become legal in the state of New York.  I understand people need love and affection. It's ingrained in us to love.  But in referencing God's infallible Word, same sex marriage will lack one vital element, and that is God's blessings upon it.  God created man (Adam) and woman (Eve) and fashioned them for each other, from then afterwards when man leaves his parents to take his wife, they shall be one flesh. (read it in Genesis, Chapters 1 & 2)

We need to love and be loved
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God designed marriage for man and woman to become so intertwined-God would view their union as one flesh. God blesses that.  Any alteration and God isn't going to bless it . (see Leviticus 18:22). The Creator gave us a marriage template to follow of Adam and Eve. God designed Eve for Adam to fulfill him. You can read this in the first four chapters of the Book of Genesis in the Bible. Adam and Eve, man and wife, were a married couple according to God- one flesh. (Gen. 2:24).

God placed man and woman together to go forth and multiply.(Genesis 1:27-28). It still takes sperm from a male and an egg from a female to reproduce. If God made marriage to be with two of the same sex, there would have never been a second generation. Same sex marriage couples can never conceive their own biological children together. 

God's Holy Word endures and never changes
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God's design is perfect- anything other than God's design is a counterfeit, an adulterated copy, the distorted truth, corrupted, imperfect, and ungodly. Throughout history,  men and women have devised all sorts of ways in order to get their wants, desires and habits even if those wants were contrary to God and His Holy Word. And in doing so, men and women choose to reason, rationalize, and change laws to fit their needs so their wants and desires might be legal and look right, and choose to not believe their behavior is contrary to God's Word, which amounts to being transgression, and a sin, and when made into a chosen lifestyle, it's a sinful lifestyle.  In this instance,  man lying with a man rather than a woman, is abomination, (see Leviticus 18:22). Man can change laws of the land to satisfy his needs, desires, and morals,   but this does not change the truth or righteousness of God's Word.  When God has His hand and blessing upon something or someone, nothing can outdo or outshine it. God's Word is for our benefit. His Word is solid and unchanging.  And there can be no argument against His righteous judgment to those who've sinned against His Word, the law.

View is video below from of a marriage ceremony.  Listen carefully to the words this couple say to each other.  A marriage is a man and a woman becoming one in the sight of God to be blessed.

BONUS- God designed marriage to be, 1) an example on Earth of love.  2) for a man and woman who love each other in that special, heartfelt way to become one flesh, and reproduce and bring up other people to love God. 3) for us to learn and extend unconditional love to each other in a marriage blessed by Him, and even during marriage ups and downs, the union and love stays solid and true because the love is unconditional, unwavering, and unchanging like the love God has for us. I really believe marriage, the way God designed it to be is a window through which we can get a small idea of what heaven will be like.

Revisit the beginning of man and woman in the Bible and how God designed marriage for them. Start with Genesis 1: 27, 28 ; 2:7,18, 20-25 ; 3:20 ; 4:1; 5:2 ; and Leviticus 18:22.

Wouldn't you want your marriage blessed with the favor and protection of God?

God's blessing far surpasses any and all  pro's man can come up with for legality for same sex marriage.

No offense is intended or directed toward anyone. I'm just sharing the truth of God's Word on this subject. God loves all, but hates the sin. It's sin that Jesus died to pay your debt for your sin(s). Because of Him, your sins can be forgiven if you accept Jesus as your Savior. Sin that is unforgiven will prevent your entry into heaven. Sin is not allowed in heaven. There is one and only one way to have your sins forgiven to enter heaven. Sorry, there is no other way, or else God would've said so. God's Word is perfectly clear-it's through Jesus and not by you being a decent person, or being cute or handsome, or coming from a well-to-do family, or by giving so much money to the poor or anything else.... the only way is Jesus, and Jesus alone. Period.
And, it's a relationship God wants with you. That's also something which shows He wants you to know Him closely. That says a lot.

Going forward in God's Word step by step on that narrow, upward path.


  1. Nice blog, Katrina- speaking the truth. But the idea that God actually blesses some things and not others is... just so hard for so many to believe! We can only hope to love them into God's family, hey...

  2. I agree. It's sin which Jesus came to redeem us back to God. Thank goodness God is the just and holy judge and that he shows us to love unconditionally. I can only try to know what God's ways are and what He disapproves of by reading His Word, and listening to the Holy Spirit. I hope I can inspire and direct one person to read the Word themself. I find believing is one of the hardest thing for some to do. You have to first believe in order to have faith. And you have to hear the Word in order to believe. Thank you so much for your comment.