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Mary Stewart Relfe, Ph.D.-My Tribute

I got news that a very dear friend, Mary Stewart Relfe, Ph.D, has completed her work on Earth and has been called 'home' by God the morning of August 7th, 2011.  Mary Stewart Relfe was an amazing woman. She was a woman with a mission that has spanned the globe affecting the lives of thousands of people in need of a loving hand and heart, while ministering to their souls, most importantly, so they can know of the goodness God has for them now and forevermore.  She was a faithful praying, Christian woman. She was a giving woman. She was a smart and talented woman. Her gifts and talents of speaking and authoring #1 best seller books were all put to use unselfishly to help others.  Authoring timely newsletters and compelling books, she poured her all into them until the finished products were completed, and all without need of fanfare or a pat on the back. Many times when I was at her home I saw or heard by way of Sally of Mary working hours on end, and never did I ever hear or know of her thinking of taking a vacation. She was a perfectionist because she didn't do anything unless it was done right, because too many precious lives and souls were at stake.

Honoring the life of Mary Stewart Relfe, Ph.D.
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I hadn't seen Mary in two or so years and heard that she was barely eating. She was always on the thin side and being very watchful of what she ate. Mary was so generous to me in giving me a job of cleaning her home when I needed additional work every couple weeks and I will always remember her the generous wedding gift she gave me in 1999, and her wise counseling she took time to offer me when I told her of my marriage problems.  I first met both Mary and Sally, her faithful assistant, in1988, when they came to my very first office on Walnut Street in Montgomery after Mary read about me and my services in the local newspaper.  Immediately we become friends, which has deepened over the years since then.  Many hours while I helped ease the tension from Sally's back with massage therapy I learned of League of Prayer, it's mission, and of Mary and those by her side operating her global mission.  In the years since, I'd been invited to League of Prayer functions and their home in Montgomery and Prattville. The newsletters written by Mary over the years were always so descriptive about people in various countries League of Prayer was assisting in education, jobs, food, clothing, spiritual health, you name it, League of Prayer was fulfilling a necessary need to hurting people.  I witnessed when League of Prayer had a food pantry, went to Russia, and later when the League of Prayer website was launched.  Mary extended her love by outreaching and touching the lives of many showing the love of God out to the small and forgotten children, women, and men literally around the world. There are really no words to fully describe what this woman has done for so many locally and on the other side of the world. She had a shining, pure heart of gold and her heart beat to do the work of God. God blessed her for that, without a doubt, and I know that's what sustained her until her work was complete. She gave and gave until she was escorted by angels to her heavenly home.

I'm sure Mary's legacy, League of Prayer, will continue on. It has been the lifeblood to many people around the world for years. League of Prayer was her heart, hands, and feet and her blessing to the world exuding the love of Jesus. I pray I can be just one-tenth the respected, Christian woman she showed the world she was.  I can honestly say it was she who inspired me to be a better, Christian woman.

Remembering Mary Stewart Relfe, Ph.D
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Books authored by Mary Stewart Relfe, Ph.D.

On August 7th, 2011, Mary entered into her heavenly reward. I bet she has a truckload of crowns to cast at the feet of Jesus. That thought makes me happy for all her labor she so tirelessly gave for so many. God bless her soul.

Look at the many scripture references on rewards for your labor the Lord.

As my dedication to Mary, I'm gonna strive even harder to be more like Jesus. My prayer is you strive for that also. The days are shorter then we think.

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