Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Are you justified?

The word 'justified' is one you don't hear much of.  I looked up several definitions of the word on the on-line dictionary and, also found some very interesting passages on 'justification' in the Book.

Type the keyword 'Justified' in the search box below and see 17 scripture references the Bible.  Then type in 'justify' and see 8 scripture references. Finally, type 'justification' and see 5 scripture references.

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Justify and justified- is to show, demonstrate or prove to be just or right.
Justification- is the act, process or state of being justified by God.

From my understanding, Jesus justified you when He died for your sins. His act of dying on the Cross paid your sin penalty in full. His blood atoned for your sins, and God sees you as if you had never been a sinner. When you accept the gift of Jesus into your heart. in the spiritual realm, Jesus step in and paid your sin penalty for you. You're off the hook, set free from the death that sin demands, and you're in right standing in God's eyes...justified.  When you have Jesus in your heart, God doesn't see the sinful you anymore, because you have been justified through His Son, Jesus.

View and listen to this song about being justified by faith.

Once you are justified, you are
1). No longer an alien, stranger, or enemy of or to God.
2). You are in 'right standing' before God's eyes.
3). You are at peace, tranquil, non-warring with God.

What's so amazing about this is God send His Son to die so that you could be justified. God did that for you.  And there's no other way under the sun to be justified. No matter if you spent your entire life living as a nun or a Mother Teresa, or gave a billion dollars to charity, you could not buy or earn or work enough to be justified in God's eyes. God only sees the atoning blood of His Son, Jesus as the completed work of justification.  In other words, it's Jesus and Jesus alone. Jesus is your only ticket for right standing before God.

So, get Jesus, and be justified.  Then, your bonuses on top of that are many heavenly perks associated with being justified. Click to see 7 of them. Don't you dare miss out.

Are you serious to invite Jesus into your heart today. View this video about repentance.

Sinners need to repent & put away our 'old selves'
to serve the Lord with our 'new better reborn selves'.

Then view this video about letting Jesus take control of your life.

Okay, now, what about it? "Are you justified?"

Walking along that narrow path that leads to the Light that shines eternally.

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