Friday, July 1, 2011

Back slidden?

Hey, never be ashamed to admit it. We all, and I mean we all are guilty of being back slidden at one time or another, and most of the time we've back slidden more times than we care to count.

The best thing to do is stop beating yourself up and thinking God has turned His back on you. That's the farthest from the truth and don't allow the liar of all liars keep you believing that. Satan gets his kicks when you believe his lies.  The truth will set you free and satan doesn't want you to be free or to know the truth.

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Now, get this in your brain. God isn't finished with you yet. God never gets fed up with you making mistakes. (but don't be so dumb by keep making the same mistakes over and over). God is plenty big to handle all your screw-ups and mess-ups. There is nothing too big for Him to handle any time day or night. God knows we are imperfect and sway to and fro, and battle with our the flesh and our brains are fickle, and He knows we're selfish and stubborn. God knows all about us already.

Here are some scriptures abou back sliders and what to do about being back slidden.

Now get this. God doesn't need you to be perfect. Only God is perfect. He just wants you to put your trust and faith in Him and in His Son, Jesus, and give your heart to Him, love Him and conduct your life as best you can according to His example, Jesus.  You will do well at times, and you will mess up a times. You will continue to stumble and make mistakes because you are human. The important thing is, is the Lord in your heart?

So don't keep thinking about throwing in the towel because of your back slidding actions. Just get back up. It will take an act of humility on your part to get on your knees and have a one-on-one conversation to tell God you're sorry. That's not very hard to do. Then get up and go forward with God.  He will never turn away from you. All you have to do is turn to Him and He's there for you.

So get over it already! Don't let being back slidden keep you for another minute from all the goodness and forgiveness awaiting you in the loving arms of a very patient and forever loving God.

BONUS- if you backslide 100 times, God will forgive you every time you ask and He will wipe all sins away.  That's His promise. Jesus paid for all sins. With Jesus, by faith, no sin will separate you from the love of God. There's nothing too awful, no mountain too high, no ocean too deep that will keep God from loving you. Now, that ought to be 'good news' and make you want to ask Jesus into your heart right this moment and ask God to help you in any thing keeping you from Him so you can stop whatever is causing you to backslide. It might be an instantaneous deliverance, or it might take some time while God helps you work through some issues, but He is always faithful and true. Don't give up.

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I like the bow and arrow visual picture- you have to pull the bow back before releasing the arrow to shoot forward.  Never give up- God isn't.  Release what's holding you in the backslidden mode, and move closer to God and see what happens!
You never have to be perfect, only forgiven.

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