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Is it you, a dead man walking?

Is it you, a dead man walking? This very moment, you are breathing, talking, thinking, reading, and today have goals to accomplish for yourself and/or family,  and might even say you're enjoying the best of life right now.  But listen,  one day, one moment, you, the flesh and bones making up the physical you, is going to expire. Your "first death" of your outer shell house will cease to be.  But your spirit and soul, the real spiritual you, will continue.  Your spirit will always exist. You see, when you don't ask Jesus into your heart, you are refusing the only way of having your sins redeemed for gaining any right standing with God. Without 'right standing' before God, even though you may not see it, but  you're a dead man or woman walking.  Until you accept Jesus as your Lord and savior, you sins have your spirit as dead though you live. And it's only a matter of time that you will face your 'second death', which is death of your spirit where you will be forever separated from the presence and love of God.

Without Jesus your sins imprison you from any hope of heaven
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If you choose to reject Jesus, (and yes, He IS the only approved way sent by God to save mankind from our sins) upon your last breath, your spirit is destined to hell for a time until Judgement Day. Then, our Holy, just and righteous God will judge you. Those found guilty of sins against God will rightly be banished to the Lake of Fire and you will forever experience your "second death".  This ungodly place is designed for all fallen angels that rebelled against God and sided with Satan . In this place you will wish you could die, but remember your spirit can't cease.  God created Man in His image with a spirit designed to live forever. God wants you to live in heaven with him, forever.  But the choice is all yours to accept God's gift of Jesus who has paid you penalty for your sins for you. God will not force you to make any decision. God's gift is extended to everyone freely and must be accepted freely. Never forced. It's a decision every man, and woman must personally decide for themselves.  If you choose to not accept His gift, then you will have to pay the penalty for your sins yourself, and that payment is forever cut off from God, which is spiritual death.  God doesn't want anyone to choose that path. Jesus came to be The sacrificial lamb for mankind. In other words, without Jesus, you have nothing, no hope, no joy, no purpose, no future, no life, no forgiveness, no light, no happiness, no family, no love, no salvation, no heaven, only hell and the Lake of Fire, and darkness, and fallen angels. In other words, without God, your spiritual existence will be worse than any physical thing you or I can imagine. Without any mercy, or love or hope or light, your spirit will be tortured and miserable over and over and over without end. There will be no friends, no partying, nothing anything good at all to wish or hope for.  You will only wish you could cease existing, but that will be impossible in the Lake of Fire.  And don't think being in the Lake of Fire will be pleasurable in any form or fashion. Your soul will suffer in a way unlike anything your fleshly body could ever tolerate or endure. Remember, this place was meant for fallen angels and I'm sure they won't be happy about their fate, either. It won't be any vacation resort or place to relax or hang out with friends.  It will be beyond the worst experience you could ever imagine multiplied by a hundred thousand times and you can never, ever escape this. And it's all because of sin and your choice to reject Jesus.

Jesus died so you wouldn't have to die.
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What can you do?
Consider making today the day you are no longer a "dead man or woman walking". Get in a quiet place, and talk to God. Tell Him you know you are a sinner and you can't pay for your sins yourself. Only Jesus, His Son, can and has already by His sacrifice on the cross of Calvary. You choose and invite Jesus into your to be your Savior and thank Him for what He's done for you. You want to give your life to Him because He's given His live for you. You want to thank Him for saving you. You want Him to be your Lord. You want to change your ways. It won't be automatic or easy, but with your 'new heart' you will be in tune with the Holy Spirit to help you and counsel you to do better. You have been reborn and have to learn to listen to your spirit rather than your flesh. You have to learn to live spiritually, rather than fleshly. Jesus was resurrected on the third day by the power of the Holy Spirit and He victoriously holds the keys to life by defeating death. Your sin penalty is lifted from you when you choose Jesus to be your Savior and Lord.

With Jesus you have victory over the penalty of sin

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 What happens?
When you sincerely pray and ask Jesus to be your savior and Lord, in the spirit realm, immediately your name is written in the Book of Life, you are sealed for good as a child of God and there's nothing that can break that seal of redemption you now have with God. You may not feel different or think anything has happened.  You may even keep doing the same things you've always done. But God is good on His Word. Jesus has victory over death.  You and I can never be perfect while we are living in our fleshly bodies. But we can be saved from our sins and that path to hell and the Lake of Fire we deserve for our disobedient ways and rebellion against God in our sins. We ought to be nothing but grateful for the dismal destiny we are saved from -all due to Jesus stepping in and loving us while we were sinners, paying a horrible death that we deserve in our stead.  Only because of Jesus can any of us pass from death to life in heaven with God. Praise the Lord!

God is Spirit.

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Until next time......keep on trucking on that glorious, upward, narrow path.

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