Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Same sex marriage

I just read that ex-President Bush's daughter, Barbara, is on the side for same sex marriage. This made me sit for a while to contemplate about what I've learned over the years of Sunday morning sermons, my Bible reading and studying, and listening to hundreds of hours of fine Bible teachers on Christian radio.  I'm not going to be judging anyone, that's not my place to do, as I'm a sinner saved by grace. But it's my understanding that marriage is created by God for the union of joining together a man to a woman.  I can't think of a single scripture that indicates God's approval for same sex marriage.  If God intended for same sexes to marry, then two men could birth their offspring, or two women could birth their offspring.  But that's impossible and can never be for two of the same sex.  In a union, the man is the husband and the female is the wife. The father is male and the mother is female. One of each, not two of the same.  Any thing other than that is not of God's design. And the inspired Word of God says homosexuality is an abomination, a detestable act and unnatural.  Anything other than how it's originally designed is not authentic but an attempt to copy and no matter how hard two men or two women try to make their love for each other be just like the love and marriage of a man to a woman, it's impossible. That's like wanting to believe an apple is an orange even though they're both labeled as fruit, they can't ever be what the other is.  Since the garden of Eden, man and woman got their first taste of defying God, and have since then been coming up with reasonings and excuses to justify and fit his or her personal desires to have what she/he wants outside of God's protective and loving boundaries.  I have to admit we humans can come up with some pretty good excuses and arguments. We've become good at finding ways to justify our desires and believe we should have everything we want no matter what and push God right out of the picture.  I don't know if God in his Spiritual way laughs or cries when He hears the excuses. And still God is so abounding in love that He allows us, His creation to go along as we please in our selfish ways and ignore His warnings that it's wrong. He allows man to keep on traveling down that dark road hoping we see the error of our ways. But somewhere down that road the effects of choices made will come to pass. That is for sure. The effects could be miles down the road or just around the corner. And the effects of disobeying God can manifest in anything- our bodies, our homes, jobs, those we love, anything.

The effects of our choices could be down the road or around the bend
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Just as you can't ignore gravity, God's Word is a sure thing- solid as solid can be.  God is ever so patience and extends a mighty long, mercy arm to all of us every second of every day. I am so grateful of that.  If two of the same sex desires to be together in a relationship, please call it something other than marriage.  The master design for marriage is the union of opposite sexes to produce offspring in love by the coming together of different body structures fitting together for sperm from the man to meet inside the body of his wife and a new life starts and grows inside her body, which is designed for protecting and nurturing new growth.  If intimate love between two men or between two women is to happen, that's an entity of man's design and should be called something other than marriage. There's no way they can reproduce on their own as a man with a woman can. No way.  And dare I think, if man or woman wishes for the right to marry whomever they love, then what could next down the line-the right to marry their pet they love?  Remember, man wants what man wants. And many times, man wants to defy God.  A lot of times his wants get him in trouble.

 God created love, and designed us to enjoy love and intimacy within the realms He designed.  If man or woman go outside those realms, and give the reason that they have the right to do so because it's what they want, then so be it. Anyone can read of the consequences that resulted in those who defied God. The consequences can be various and can be long coming, but they will come. God lovingly gives us the will to choose, but I know it must hurt his heart just as a parent tells their child to not play in the street, but the child decides to play there anyway, and one day is seriously hurt.  Whether it's willful or unknowingly, disobedience is sin. A sinful lifestyle is sin. The consequences of sin are real. If you choose to ignore God's Word, you're given that choice to do so, now.  But ignoring and excuses won't fly when you have to one day face God and give an account of your choices. God's Word stands and endures forever.

Marriage-created by God to unify a man and a woman
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Oh, here is the definition of a father,  a mother

Scripture references- Genesis Chapter 1- Chapter 3- (Adam, Eve, the garden of Eden, disobedience, sin and consequences); Leviticus 18:22, 20:13; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10; and Romans 1:26-28.

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Until next time, on that narrow path, looking forward and upward to the shining Son.

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