Sunday, February 27, 2011

Big difference between the Bible and the Qur'an

I don't know much at all about any other religion but Christianity. But I'm curious about what do people see in the book called the Qur'an?  Surely God didn't provide another book with the authority of His unchanging Word.  God used men whom He inspired to take pen in hand to pass down through the centuries preserving His Word so we read of His Holy Word.  Surely there's not another source.  Well, I don't have a Qur'an, but I did some search on line and this is something very interesting I found.  It's short and sweet and answers my question- what's more reliable- the Bible or the Qur'an?  The Qur'an is flawed and can't 'pass the grade' which the Bible can. The Word of God can't be flawed. That settles it for me.

Take a minute and see for yourself. Then go ahead do more of your own search. See for yourself. The Bible has and will still stand alone as the undisputed and reliable Word of God.

The Holy Bible is reliable from cover to cover

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The Qur'an is the book of the Islam religion

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