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Pointing to Jesus throughtout the Old Testament

A few years ago in a Bible study, I was introduced to much I hadn't known before and my eyes were opened to Jesus throughout the Old Testament. I've copied and given this list out at Christmas as a gift.  I've had a totally different view of the entire Bible. I hope you will as well for Jesus is there, as always, but hidden.  Before Jesus came on the scene  as our Savior, we can learn about Him to come in each Book of the Old Testament. Now, when you read, your eyes will be opened to seeing Jesus there, seeing what he's done, and pointing to Him in the future as the.........

 promised seed in Genesis
 sacrificial lamb in Exodus
 brazen serpent in Numbers
 scape goat in Leviticus
 great prophet to come in Deuteronomy
 great warrior in Joshua
 righteous judge in Judges
 kinsman redeemer in Ruth
 the anointed one in 1 Samuel
 compassion toward the afflicted in 2 Samuel
 'fear not', and raising the dead in 1 King
 ascension into heavens and miracles in 2 King
 prayer and concern for those left behind in 1 Chronicles 
 restoration of the temple in 2 Chronicles
 builder of the temple-New Temple in Ezra
 sacrifice-cup bearer to build walls, mission, and prayer life in Nehemiah
 "advocate'-one who pleads on behalf of another, placing in a position
       to be killed in Esther
 "mediator'-one who reconciles differences and 'redeemer'-one who rescues
       from captivity by paying ransom in Job
 refers to Christ in prophesy in Psalms
 wisdom personified as 'speaking the truth' in Proverbs
 The "One Shepherd' the 'Good Shepherd' in Ecclesiastes
 emotions of one toward his beloved-Christ loved the church,
       his bride in Song of Solomon
 the coming life, suffering, and death of Jesus. (Jesus quoted Isaiah more than
        any other prophet) in Isaiah
 'righteous branch' from David in Jeremiah
        Jeremiah wept over Jerusalem, Jesus did also in Lamentations
 God would search for His sheep in Ezekiel
 kingdom and glory that would never pass away in Daniel
 Israel went to Egypt for survival, Mary and Joseph took Jesus there for
        survival in Hosea
 Holy Spirit sent after His ascension in Joel
 Jesus is Judge, and restore the fallen Kingdom of David in Amos
 Judge of all nations in Obadiah
 3 days and 3 nights, death burial, resurrection in Jonah
 birthplace of Christ told in Micah
 controlling nature-power to control storms and preaching peace in Nahum
 salvation of God's people through the Lord's Anointed One in Habakkah
 gathering of all nations on Judgment Day in Zephaniah
 rebuilt temple-greater filled with the glory and peace in Haggai
 dwell in midst of His people; His servant; wages paid for
         Jesus' betrayal told in Zechariah
 Jesus' messenger would prepare the way for His coming in Malachi

Church of Mary in Israel

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The above list is very condensed. But once I began to read and see that even before the Messiah appeared as a baby in the manger, stories and themes in every book of the Old Testament pointed forward to the Christ. I share this gladly with you. You may share it also.  God bless.




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