Sunday, October 25, 2015

Church of Cannabis in Alabama

I wrote earlier about the First Church of Cannabis in Indiana.

I understand there's now a First Church of Cannabis in Alabama looking to be situated in Montgomery.

After viewing the video I have to wonder---
if a plant, mineral, vegetable, or any object is deemed 'good and peaceful' by Man,
is that a reason to worship it?

A church building for believers meet for group worship to the Lord

Photo credit: Sgarton from

And, for what ever reason or excuse, isn't worshiping anything other than God considered idolatry?
Cannabis may not be a statue or a graven image, but replacing the worship to God with worship of an herb is what I would call 'modern day idolatry'.

Jesus, the Son of God has proven he's 'good and peaceful' and through him any person can have everlasting peace with the God of creation, (the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob).

In my humble opinion, an herb will not gain me any peace with God. It may gain me a few minutes of pain relief. I don't wish anyone to have to suffer, and if I were in chronic pain I'd also like to have some relief from pain.
Cannabis isn't the only substance that eases the discomfort of pain,
and what's next, the Church of the pain-relievers Codeine, Aleve® and Oxycontin®?

I believe the church should be about the message of the Bible which tells of the need of a personal savior or Messiah because no one other than Jesus can say they've not sinned against God. Sin is serious and separates us from a holy, and just God. And the church should be teaching about being a disciple of Jesus because he first loved us when we not even wanting anything to do with God.
In him we can know about the heavenly Father, what's pleasing to our heavenly Father and how to live a more spiritual, more Christ-like while still in our fleshly bodies.

Jesus alone deserves all of our worship because in and through him is the only way for us to inherit God's promises and for our spirit to be quickened with the Holy Spirit.

Smoking cannabis has it's place and it's benefits.
Food, water and air is more necessary, but I don't see any church gatherings to worship these necessities that support physical well-being.

 I do pray those seeking healing to first and foremost seek after the true healer with all their heart, mind and strength and place total faith and trust in him who is worthy.

'Nuff said.

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