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The First Church of Cannabis, and how far are we willing to go?

Here's some trendy news.

I read about a church in Indiana, called First Church of Cannabis, where the parishioners can 
legally smoke pot.

dried marijuana (cannabis) leaves/stems

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I'm not certain if pot smoking is the whole criteria of their religious belief, but the article does read 'they' believe cannibus can heal the world and formed a church to claim pot smoking is part of their religious practice.

Here are four news articles on the science of the healing benefits of Cannabis, which is the medical term for marijuana.

 This article states medical marijuana will have different effects for different people when 
  used under different conditions.

This article tells about medical types-Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis.

This article tells about the different ways of getting the best medicinal effect from Cannabis.
(for example, if smoked, a vaporizer will help cut down lung and bronchial irritation).

And this article tells about a strain of cannabis with high CBD (cannabidiol) to low TCH (tetrahydro-cannabinol), medical studies of Cannabis and Parkinson's Disease and cancer, a cannabis drink and more.

church pews

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Okay, back to The First Church of Cannabis.

A church is a building, a structure where people meet.
A place where they can gather together, but should church be a place to smoke pot?
In Christian terms, 'the' church refers to the collective followers of Christ.

What is religion?
Has the First Church of Cannabis based it's doctrine around a plant because it helps with many physical afflictions?

A religion or organization where the people worship pot.
After reading this article, I'm questioning if the parishioners of the First Church of Cannabis have elevated marijuana to a status of divinity?

What is worship?
Are the parishioners of The First Church of Cannabis worshiping a plant because of it's therapeutic benefits?

This is one of the best writings I've come across on what is worship.
God alone deserves our praises and true worship.
Here are 34 scriptures on worship God.

What is idolatry?

Here are some modern forms of idolatry
(Idolatry is placing honor or reverence on anything other than God).

Here are 100 scripture verses on idolatry. 

Indiana's church of marijuana is a legitimate entity.
Does this 'count' as what a 'church' was designed to be?

Have the parishioners of this church taken something intended to be utilized for the spreading of the gospel and turned it into a format or tool so they can legally and religiously partake in a substance for pleasure or benefits?
Facts state this plant gives good, healthful value, but elevating any substance to the status of being worthy of being worshiped is questionable.

The true determination of it's position as a true church, what the parishioners believe and practice, and their worship to a plant will ultimately be determined by the true and righteous Judge, Jesus.

My thoughts....
How far shall Man allow himself to turn away from God?
What will sinning ultimately profit any one?
(I'm not advocating to live with pain - it's always helpful to seek a way to be pain-free,
but the condition of a person's eternal soul is much more important than any condition of the body, which has a termination date. The soul does not.

Scripture verses on turning away from God. 

The living God loves each of us so much.
Sin lessens our love for Him.
Why does God hate sin?

The results of sin-

In our 'soul' is where sin is birthed.
Sinfulness breeds more sinfulness unless checked, and this is The Way.

Why do we sin? 

Blinded eyes and hardened hearts keep us going the sinful way.

 God does not approve of any sinful behavior-it's not for our ultimate good. Satisfying any fleshly desires feels good, but some have negative consequences.

When the condition of the state of Mankind in general keeps looking more dreadful
rather than positive and encouraging, it should be obvious--- STOP Make a change and turn
around before it's too late.

Stop sinning - it leads only to danger

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Sinning leads only to danger.

But for some it's more important to have a religious right to legally 'light up' 
and feel good for a few hours....

and, so...

with blinded-eyes, hardened hearts and total disregard for their very souls,
some continue plunging downward towards the abyss of utter darkness.

P.S. I'm not judging any person. This is a discussion about how sinfulness has lead to the forming of  a church being about marijuana and not about Jesus, the Son of God, who loved us so much he died to pay the penalty for our Sins.

Until next time, I shall keep moving upwards my glorious future on that small, less traveled path set before me.

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