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When a preacher carries a gun

I heard someone make the statement that it doesn't seem right for a preacher to carry a gun. I think that person might have been questioning how can a 'man of God' also have a job that calls for him
to carry of a firearm with the possibility of shooting someone?  In other words, how could a
preacher voluntarily accept a job requiring him to carry a gun with the potential of killing someone?

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Let me attempt to answer that question.

Carrying a firearm legally is meant for protection or for hunting. Law enforcement police, detectives, security guards, military, and elite groups trained for special missions to combat terrorist attacks and the such, use weapons to stop or halt criminal acts and prevent the loss of lives of innocent bystanders, hostages and themselves.  It's necessary to carry weapons in order to have a chance to overpower whom they need to 'battle' with, and who most likely are packing fire power.  Men and women in uniform willingly step into a potentially dangerous line of work to protect lives, and the property of others. We should be thankful to those willing to work in positions that come with some degree of personal danger.

So, how can a man be a preacher, who preaches the Word of God on Sunday, also carry a firearm
Monday through Friday?

A church pulpit

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Simple. A man can wear multiple hats or uniforms. Wearing a robe in the pulpit is one in which he answered the high calling to spread the gospel of 'good news'.  This man's heart is concerned about the souls of people destined to hell and the Lake of Fire where there will absolutely be no hope of escaping.  He is busy spreading the Gospel of Truth so people can hear the Word of God to know
and understand their spirit needs a Savior.

People are spiritually dead and unless restitution is made for the penalty of their sins, spiritually,
they are going to die in their sins.

Preachers give the good news of the gospel so people can know there is a way to be in good graces with God. The only way approved by God calls upon by faith to invite his Son into your heart to be your Savior and Lord, because his blood shed fully satisfied and paid your sin penalty. With Jesus
you are saved from spiritual death. You'll never taste death if you are 'in Christ'.  Hence the term, 'absent from the body, present with the Lord.'  Your fleshly body will perish, but the real you, your spirit, will never die or be away from the Lord. On the other hand, if you die and your sins have not been paid for or forgiven, you face judgement for your sins. Heaven if the home of a Holy, soverign God. Sin can not reside or inhabit heaven. You will be found guilty of sin by the righteous King,
 and the penalty for your sin is spiritual death- the worst kind of death, because you won't die once as we know death to be, but your spirit will sort of die over and over forever and ever.

It's a death penalty with no ending of spiritual life without God, without hope, without love, without anything good.

And to pour coals upon the fire, the Lake of Fire is a place reserved for fallen angels. They will be there also paying their penalty for turning against and being disobedient to God. And, I don't think they'll be pleasant neighbors to be around- but the neighbors you'd wish they'd go to hell, but
they are and you're with them. So no hope of ever, ever being rid of them. You're stuck.

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So, how can a preacher volunteer to take a job in which he could possibly be called upon to
kill someone?

His two positions, one in a church pulpit and one carrying a weapon, seem to contradict each
other. One position is leading people to make a decision to be spared spiritual death, and the
other position is a job in which he has potential to kill.

A person's job that requires carrying a firearm is not so that person can look for an opportunity
to shoot someone.  The position is one of protection, mainly to protect lives and property.
 Only in a last resort situation would weapons be utilized.  Any man should want to  protect
 his family and home from harm by any means necessary and fight with what would have a
favorable outcome for his family and himself.  This goes for preachers of the Gospel as well.
A man of God is still a man of God as long as he's saved and not willfully disobeying the Word
of God by his lifestyle.

A man can qualify to work as a doctor, a paramedic, or a grave digger.  He works to help people,
to be productive, and earn a living to provide for his family. No matter the job, he still has a family
to protect and provide for.

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In the Bible, David, was chosen, anointed and was the successor of King Saul. David was a fighter and killed thousands. They made a song about it. God still used David. From the line of David came our Savior.

Samson was given super strength by God, and he judged Isreal for twenty years. Samson killed 
thousands of Philistines who were  idol worshipers.

Men continually wore their swords and carried their spears as they worked rebuilding the wall 
around Jerusalem. (Nehemiah 4:13-23)

There is a time for killing and a time to stop killing. There is a spiritual battle raging, as well as physical battle. The most critical battles are the ones happening in the spirit world.

So, for a man to spread the gospel is one thing, and still quite alright to carry a weapon.
Christian's carry spiritual weapons every day to fight against the spiritual evil of the devil. So for a Christian man to carry a weapon that shoots bullets, isn't contradictory after all. It's all a job, what-
ever that job might be, he does it for the glory of God and provide for his family.

Ecclesiastes 3 is very good for this topic concerning the work God gives a man.
Here in Matthew 7 is what the Bible says about judging another person.

Who knows what might happen tomorrow. One day you might have to call upon someone with to help protect you and your family. If that person coming to your rescue and carrying a weapon also
happens to be a preacher, I don't think you'd mind that at all. He'd be there to save you, your family, and property from harm, and later he can lead you to the Lord, so your spirit can also be saved.
That would put him in a special category of deserving thanks now and later/

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My personal conclusions are : What occupation a man chooses is between him and God.
That person alone must answer to God. God places people in many different positions and occupations in order to fulfill his work. Every Christian has their own race, talents, and ministry
to serve and work for the Kingdom. Not all work is done in the pulpit. And weapons are not evil
if used in a wise and safe manner.

Preachers work to spread the gospel of God from the Word of the Bible with the ultimate goal of leading people to make their personal decision to accept Jesus. Jesus does the saving, securing
spirit to heaven, blotting out all marks of sin against you, not the preacher.

 So, with that said, if you've accepted Jesus as your Savior, having spared you from what you
deserve because of your sins, which are against God, you really don't have a thing to worry about.
If you accidently get shot and die, you're on your way to heaven in an instant.

So, is your spirit in right standing with God? Any moment could be your last. Make your choice
before it's too late. Get Jesus.   If you're ready, read through some of my past entries how to easily
seal the deal and know you're securely in God's family, and are free from spiritual death. Now,
that's something to rejoice in the Lord about.

Your flesh is temporary. Your spirit is eternal.  God is Spirit. God created Man in His likeness, to
live forever and fellowship with. But love does not force anyone against their will. If you choose
to accept God's grace and mercy for life, you are blessed. If you choose not to accept his loving
offering of salvation, then.... you're choosing eternal damnation upon yourself.


Until next time, the path is narrow, but the rewards of following it are endlessly magnificent.


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