Friday, September 21, 2012

Choosing teams

Have you ever made a choice to play on a certain team, thinking you'd win, only to find that
team would be the losing team?
What spiritual team do you want to be on?
Well, right now you can choose the team you want to be on, and know for sure the team that's gonna win. It's your choice to be on the winning team, or, your choice to be on the losing team.

Side with the winner or loser- your choice

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Who likes being on a losing team? Especially then the losing team has to pay a deep penalty.
Now, I've heard people say it would be 'more fun' to be on the losing team.  I can only think their
opinion of fun is a bit 'off'.  If being in darkness, having no love, hope, friendship or companionship is 'fun', they are in for the surprise they're gonna wish they could get out of.  Hell is not going to be fun for one second. There will be no water, no sunshine, no gentle breeze, no flowers, no sweet aromas, no rest, and no way out. Nothing of the comforts and pleasures as we presently know of. You spirit will suffer and be tormented. And, there will be no loving God.  Hell is a holding 'place' and a taste of what's later to come in which the sentence for your sin's penalty will never be paroled or a reduction of your life sentence.  And, your fellow inmates will be evil spirits who loathe you. There will be no loved ones you can cuddle with, no music that will sound pleasant to your ears, just nothing but pure hell as you can never imagine. There will be no fun being in torment and punishment.

Here are a few key facts and passages you need to know so you can choose the team you want to be on.

This explains what sort of things gets a person sent to hell.
The biggest Deception
The leader of the losing team, the devil, is doing everything to get you to not choose the winning team. He wants you to think his team is the 'more fun' team to be on. Right now, he wants you to  think about you, you having 'fun', you getting the things you want right now. As long as he has you thinking of you so you can be happy and content, he's got your mind controlled and away from
about the ultimate consequences of being on his losing team.

The choice is entirely yours - face victory or consequences

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If you're not for God, then by default you're for the devil.
If you do not accept Jesus into your life and heart, as your Lord and Savior, (he's already paid in full the penalty for your sins, but you have to acknowledge you're helpless in that department and you need him), you will have to pay the price yourself, which will be spiritual death in hell and then the Lake of Fire.   Sin cannot enter heaven. 

The Victor over Hell and Death
Jesus died so you do not have to go to hell.  Jesus came to save sinners. Join his team.

Choose Jesus. Choose the winning team. It's the better choice for life now and forever.

We can celebrate victory already in our Lord, Jesus

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 It's all about your spiritual life.  God created man in his likeness- and that's the spirit part which 
will never die.  Winning team gets to be with God forever. Losing team gets to suffer forever.

All praise and thanks to our Lord, Jesus for all he's done so we can celebrate our spiritual victory.

Those with Christ will have a wonderful time in heaven, while in hell, there will be misery, disappoint, torment, and fire. Fun will be non-existent there. If that was in your plans you're gonna
be very let down from being deceived again.

Until next time, walking in the Light of The Truth along that narrow path. There's room for all.

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  1. Hey Girl I liked your blog about choosing the right team and I know for sure without a doubt that I'm batting for the right team Amen :-)