Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's true, this Nation, country and land are blessed

Psalm 33:12  reads, "Blessed is the nation who's God is the Lord." Read the entire passage of this scripture.  Choose various versions of this passage to get a full-spectrum, descriptive understanding of this scripture.

I'd like to tell you how I discovered this scripture to be very true.

          I felt it when my foot touched the ground.

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I had an opportunity in 2008 to take a vacation, leaving from Mobile, Alabama, and cruising to Mexico, visiting two ports, one of them being Cozumel. My cruise was relaxing, and it was my first time being away from the United States.  The four day cruise was exciting as I enjoyed the fun aboard the ship and relaxed with friends as we traveling to destinations afar. At that time there was no need for a passport to cruise to Mexico, and it was safe.

Anyway, we headed back to the United States, signaling the vacation was nearing an end. Upon docking back again in Mobile, carrying luggage to dis-embark, I had no idea that I was about to experience something I will never forget.  My friends and I passed through customs and were about to get to the parking lot when my foot first stepped back onto American soil. That's when I felt it!  When my foot touched American soil, I sensed something that went up through my body. I hadn't felt that when I stepped onto Mexican soil or while I walked a sight-seeing tour in Mexico just the day or so before. I will never forget that very distinct feeling I felt when my foot hit the ground. The feeling was powerful, almost of energy or an alive force is how I describe the feeling.  It's difficult to describe, but for the first time, I thought this must be how it feels when an immigrant first steps onto American soil.  Could this be why people dream of coming to this country?  This land, this Nation truly is blessed bountifully, and that passage in Psalms came to my mind immediately.

 Blessings are upon this great Nation only because this country acknowledges God. The Nation that acknowledges God is blessed. One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. God bless America.

As long as we as a people keep God as our Lord, God will keep His mighty hand upon us and protect this Nation.  When we turn our backs to God, why would He continue to keep His blessings upon this country?  He won't.  We'll become 'sitting ducks', prime and vulnerable to be overpowered by invasion.  I, for one, don't ever want to see that happen.

God blesses this land with so many natural resources, peace, liberties and freedoms for the citizens of this country and this Nation who call the Lord our God.  To think of America any other way would be so unfortunate. We need God. We need His blessings.

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God, please keep your blessing upon America. Don't leave us now.

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