Sunday, December 25, 2011

The transformation that matters

Christian's aren't perfect. That deserves repeating, Christian's aren't perfect people, not by a long shot. After accepting and receiving the Son of God as our Lord and Savior by faith, people think followers of Jesus automatically turn into perfect people. That's impossible. As long as anyone is  living a human existence, it's impossible to be perfect. The best we as Christians can do and become is a better person in God's eyes by following the example of Jesus,(WWJD),and strive each and every day to be better than the day before as we work through our mistakes, mishaps, shortcomings and inadequacies, in other words 'our imperfection' as we are molded more and more into the likeness of our Lord on the inside, and that transformation starts to be seen outwardly in our actions, our speech, how we conduct ourselves, etc..

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Even though Christians have the Holy Spirit guiding our quickened spirits, we still dwell within our fleshly bodies. The difference that can't be seen to the naked eye is the inner spiritual transformation. The difference is Christians are not held hostage any longer by sin, and are more sensitive to sin than before when sin was a way of life and we had no concern about it one way or another. Our hearts were made spiritually alive when we accepted Jesus into our lives. What a transformation that is!
                                                            Being spiritually alive to the things of God makes us children of the Almighty God and heirs to His promises. We yearn to please Him, our heavenly Father, and we know our sins are forgiven through the redemptive blood of our Savior. We live by faith and know our Father in heaven loves us unconditionally. We may look the same as before, but a spiritual surgery has been performed on the inside. Our insides 'so to speak' are perfect and that's all that really counts. 

Christians are not perfect, but we're hooked up with 'The One' who is, and that's what matters anyway.

2 CORINTHIANS 3:18 And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.

Things to ponder-

Jesus was the only man who was perfect. He was born of a woman in order to be the sacrifice for all Mankind. He was also God in that He was without sin so He could be The One Perfect Sacrificial Lamb in order to please God the Father so Sin could be forgiven.

To worship and live a Christian life, one must worship in  spirit and truth for God is Spirit.

To accept Jesus is an act of faith in what God provided for us so we can have life, spiritual life. The body will die but the spirit will live forever. We are body, soul and spirit. It's the condition of the spirit that matters.

So the question is- have you been transformed from 'death into life?' What are you waiting for?

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Keeping that upward trek on the narrow path set before me.

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