Sunday, October 9, 2011

Steve Jobs left his mark

The news last week about Steve Jobs passing at age 56, losing his fight with pancreatic cancer brought me to think about the brevity of life in this body.  I'm sure Mr. Jobs had the best doctors, however, the condition was fatal.  I had a brother who died very young from kidney cancer.  Like all who've lost a loved one to cancer, in my heart I questioned why would God allow such a thing to happen. Why?  Recently, I was reminded I am in no position to question the ways God. If He says so, then that is what will be.  God is creator and His Word is all that matters.  We are His creation, with a beginning and an end in this body, and can't know all the things in the world that God knows. We can't see the future or know God just might be sparing us from something worse.  Even if He did give me an answer, that answer would most likely make as much sense to me as explaining aerospace engineering to a toddler.

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God can do with His creation whatever He wishes.  Every ray of sunshine, every drop of water, every moment of time, every grain of sand, is His creation. We breathe His air and walk on his soil.  Man is the maker of nothing original. Everything made by man is used of God's material.

                        Sand Art made from His sand

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Steve Jobs was a family man to those he loved, but to the world he was a visionary and inventor, and his print was on many products that affected and were utilized proudly by millions the world over. He used his brain and creativity and like others before him, like Einstein, Edison, Ford, and Carver, just to name a few, who changed the world with their inventions and intelligence.  God gave them each what they needed to complete their a mission. Steve Jobs was in that category as well. 

Jesus was also completed his mission, actually the first and left us more to mankind than all the above mentioned- and He is still changing the world today.  No one can touch Jesus in the fact that He is the only one that can change your soul and wipe away your sins. The world has never be the same since Jesus walked on Earth as a man. His ministry and service to mankind is untouchable by any other man. His contribution to mankind is largely misunderstood my many because His kingdom is spiritual and eternal, not temporary, and is far more important than anything you can possess.  Jesus' gift to mankind is extended to all and totally free.

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 Jesus left his mark, and his mark is the only mark you can possess with lasting, eternal impact- no Apple digital product, or any invention made by man can match that.

What is your reasonable service? And does it bring glory to the Lord?

My condolences to the Job family.

Talents and gifts are from the Lord, and when used to bring Him glory, you are on your path and fulfilling your mission in life.

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