Monday, May 2, 2011

Possibly the best message I've ever heard

I was meditating on the Sunday message my pastor gave this week and I think it's the best I've ever heard. I rate it a 10. The message summed up everything about being a Christian, about how to live and about what's really important in life. The message really hit home with me in a big and profound way. The topic of the message was about covetousness, the insatiable greed and desire to have things we don't possess, but to me it was about how to live, conduct myself about life matters and decisions, and how to please God. By touching on all these matters, the message included just about everything in life for today, tomorrow and into eternity.  That's one super message!

The wise don't place faith in money or things
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I sum the message up into four points, along with Bible scripture my pastor gave-

1. Everything comes from God.  Let me clarify that- everything means everything.
2. You're going out the same way you came in.  In plain English, that means empty-handed
    you were born and the same you'll be when you die.  Never are there any exceptions.
3.  Putting faith and importance in things and money is just plain stupidity.
4. And, since it all belongs to God, in all situations it's wise to seek Him first and obey His
    commandments. This pleases God, and it's best to please Him than to not please Him.
    Remember, #1.

Buck naked and empty-handed you came, and the same you will leave

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Hearing this message on covetousness about one rich man in the Bible, who was a fool to think he had it made in the shade with his riches. He was wrong. It's not wise to be selfish or greedy or desire every thing you see or place faith in those things. Things don't sustain anyone. I could store up my personal things, and keep wanting more, but they will not add one second to my life and things do not make me and things are not the source of happiness. Have you ever wondered why wealthy people aren't the happiest people?  It's okay to be content with what you have, and most of us have more than enough to be plenty content with. So lets put into practice the art of being content a little more.  Might even be good to get rid of those extra things and free up some space around the house.  There are millions of people in the world who would think I'm living large, because of what I have. It's silly of me to think I need more, when I have the necessities of life and then some. Many people around the world are not that fortunate to say they have more than enough.  However, need to be very content with what I have while holding onto my dream of living in my two bedroom log cabin home with red roof and wrap around porch.

I know everything I have or possess is a blessing from God. I know there's nothing wrong with having things, but keep it in focus to love the giver, who is everlasting, and not the things, which are temporal.  And, I think coveting things is a sin.

Scripture references- Luke 12:13-21, chapter 12:31-35, chapter 18:18-25
                                   Ecclesiastes 2:18-19 chapter 5:19, chapter 6:7, chapter 12:7,13,14
                                    and Job 1:21

 One added thought- obeying His commandments is not the old 10 Commandments. That was overridden when Jesus came. The  commandments can be summed up into two, and Jesus gave them. 1. We are to love God, the Father with all your might, all your heart, soul and mind. 2.  And Jesus said love our neighbor as yourself. When you obey these two commandments,  you are obeying the old ten commandments.  So, the commandments have been condensed down to two commandments.   I purposefully make it my personal goals to please God the best I can everyday.
Matthew 22: 36-39; Mark 12:29-31 and Luke 10:26-28.

Until next time,

The path is wonderful being lit by the light of the Son.

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