Sunday, April 10, 2011

I was thinking about their sandals

The message today in church brought 'sandals' to my mind.  When the Nation of Israel was lead out of Egypt and into the desert, with Moses as their leader, God took care of all their needs-He saw to it they lacked nothing-their clothing, food, water, protection, even their sandals. Can you imagine walking in the desert for years, walking and walking and never does your clothing wear out, or your feet swell, or your sandals wear out?  And with no place to shop or grow food, but instead their substance falls fresh from the sky, and their thirst was satisfied with cool water coming from rocks. And don't forget a cloud lead the Israelites by day shading them from the heat of the sun, and a pillar of fire at night provided  warmth during the cold desert nights.  Can you imagine all of that? Well, that's what God did- He saw to all the needs of the people. When Holy Father is looking after you, He looks after you very well. Matter of fact, He's still providing for His people this very day and this very second.
God is able, and God is willing, and God so desires to be thanked and acknowledged that it's He, and no one else deserving to receive praise and adoration for His unlimited and abounding love which He showers upon all people. He provides sustenance for life and living. He IS the source.

God cares for you- from your head to your toes

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If God can see to sandals not wearing out for 40 years, isn't He capable to provide any of your needs? Of course He is. So ask Him and then remember to thank Him. It's a good feeling to know God cares so much. He even cares about the little things.  That's what a loving God does.  When you're pleasing Him, He can't wait to honor your obedience by seeing that you have all your needs met.   Spend some time reading the Word, and do what you hear the Lord telling you to do. Simple but  powerful and rewarding.  Just have faith and be obedient to God. Just do it. What more can I say.

Even in the desert, God is willing to meet your every need

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If I'm lead into the desert, I want the Son as my guide, my pillar, my protection, my sustenance. For I know He will care for me no matter what.

Reference- Nehemiah 9: 20-21

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