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Not stepping on toes about homosexuality

Out of the closet and living a homosexual lifestyle, is it right or wrong? I've wondered about this, and when I want truthful answers, I go to the manual for living- The Bible.  God's Word does have something to say concerning homosexuality.  I find it amazing that this choice of sexual orientation was even addressed in the Bible. Apparently, it must be important for it to be there in multiple scripture references.  I am not judging, that's not my place to do so.  I like what some have written on homosexuality on several sites citing several Bible scripture. God's Word states it's a sin, homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God, and God sees homosexuality as an abomination. That's pretty strong dislike, don't you think? God wants no one to perish, and His Word plainly states homosexuality is a sin and an abomination, then there's some misunderstanding of His Word. He can't have created man to naturally be an abomination if it's a sin, and, He wants no soul to perish. It can't be both ways.

Homosexual & gay pride, colorful, but God's Word says 'not'
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As a Christian, God says we are to love people, but not the sin. All I know is I want to inherit all that God has in store for me, His child, in heaven. I do try to follow as best I can His Word for living. I am not, nor ever will be perfect while in this body, but I do want and strive to please God with my life, the choices I make, and be a blessing to others. I don't wish anyone to be an abomination to God. He is our creator and He is 'The Source' of all good things. Wouldn't that get someone thinking about pleasing Him rather than being an abomination to Him?  God lovingly allows us to make our decisions and own personal choices. He given that to us, His creation, l and will not violate our will.  However, there are consequences to our choices.  His law can't be violated without facing consequences.  Some consequences come early, some come later, but consequences will come. There's no escape from the consequences of sin.  If someone lovingly revealed to me that I was doing something which was going to give me dreadful, eternal consequences, I'd seriously and honestly reconsider what I was doing. Call me old-fashion, but I think about consequences.

Not stepping on any toes

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Could it be some people don't know what's God position on homosexuality? God is so very patient and loving and doesn't want a single soul to perish into the Lake of Fire. That's why we have His Word to guide us and His Son to save us from the consequences of sin.  There is always help, but again, it's your choice to want and seek it.

 Living in our fleshly dwelling is but for a little while. Our choices are personal, and the consequences of those choices will be owned personally, and eternally.  God's Word endures forever. (Isaiah 40:8 and 1 Peter 1:24-25)

Additional thoughts-    Back in 2009, when Carrie Prejean, Miss California, answered her final question during the Miss USA pageant, there was outrage and scorn that her answer didn't please those who live a different lifestyle. Her upbringing and belief is not homosexuality, and she has every right to say that. Her voicing her belief shouldn't be quenched even if some don't agree with it. Why is there a double standard?  Communicating what you know to believe is still a rightful freedom in this country without having to be blackballed because it conflicts with others thoughts and beliefs.  Those who want to live a homosexual lifestyle and interject their beliefs on others are making the most noise- they don't want anyone to dispute in any way their choice of lifestyle.  I say Miss Prejean answered her question,'Should all states legalize same sex marriages?' with style and grace in front of an audience of millions looking on, and knowing her answer would probably cost her the Miss USA crown.  I commend her and wish I could personally let her know I'm proud she stood firm to her faith, her parents, herself, her God, and answered truthfully as she knew, even thought her answer was going to displease some. She had guts and didn't falter. Her answer rocked the world. Her stance for being true and not caving and giving an answer so she could win a pageant is commendable no matter what your sexual orientation choice is. I wonder how the other contestants would've answered such a critical and personal question that night? I wonder how I would've answered?

 When I was growing up when I wanted to do something just because my friends were all doing it, my Mom used to tell me "if everyone jumped off a cliff, it doesn't mean you have to."  We all may have siblings, friends, neighbors, even co-workers who've made it their choice to live a homosexual lifestyle. This is a free country. Freedom to choose is a person's right. But, not everyone desires or agrees or wants the homosexual lifestyle for themselves. They have a right to their choice and are free to voice their choice as well.

But the Good News is still the same. God loves all, not the sin. Anyone seeking the kingdom of God is welcome no matter their lifestyle or sin. Jesus died for all sins. I was wrong in my  thinking that I first had to get my life in order and straightened up before I could become a child of God and accept Jesus as my savior. If that was the case, I'd still be right were I was. There's no way a human can be perfect.  We are all sinners. Our sins are forgiven of God only through what Jesus did on the cross.  There are some habits and sins too strong to overcome and only by the strength of the Holy Spirit can some overcome these things that you want to break away from. It's not too late, and the Good News to all is 'Come just as you are, faults, sins and all, to the Lord. Invite Him into your heart and allow the Holy Spirit to work within you and your spirit, and help you have victory in making changes you can't do alone. The flesh is weak, but your spirit with the help of the Holy Spirit can be mighty. I like the information in the following link-especially the questions regarding homosexuality and being gay are answered at the end.

Bible scripture references- in the Old Testament- Leviticus Chapters 18:22 and  20:13.
New Testament references- Mark 7:20-23; Luke 2:10; Luke 8:10; 1Corinthians 6:9-11; Romans 1:26-27; 1John, Chapter 4

Final thoughts- The ultimate last word happens to be God's alone.

Keeping my face, heart and soul toward the Son.

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