Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Peace - beyond our hopes and dreams

World peace.
No more wars, weapons or warring against each other.

Conflict with other people all gone.

World peace.
Is it possible? Can all nations and all people be peaceable towards one another?
Could the need for military and armaments be obsolete?
Could focusing on getting along like 'best of neighbors' happen? 
Could surveillance and intelligence be unnecessary?

World peace.
As much as I want to live in a world with no wars, no threat of wars, I know better.
All it takes is one to bring it on, and back we return to warring, hatred and killing.

People claim to want world peace.
But unless all are willing to give their all totally to the cause of world peace, it will never happen.
Warring, killing, stealing, lying, corrupting, and the likes, make for hostility, aggravation, discord, and those things are not conducive to bring about peace.

Some are going about practicing the 'opposite of peace' to usher in peace. 

I repeat, those things aren't conducive to peace. 
Only peace bring peace.

Some have the notion world peace will be a reality when all opposition to their certain set of rules or beliefs has been obliterated.
In other words, the world will be at peace when the world is totally dominated and inhabited by one group of people.


There is another kind of Peace.
Better than world peace.
Imagine a peace that's truly 'peaceful'.
Peace without force or fear.
This peace is waiting, patiently.
It's a peace that fills your heart and no Earthly words of any language can adequately describe.

This peace- is a peace so delightful that no man or woman can steal it from you. But they can have their own.
This peace is a gift that resides in your heart to whomever invites Jesus in. Just ask.
This peace means there is no longer a divider between you and your creator, the heavenly Father. A close relationship can happen when you aren't warring with God the Father. A close, loving relationship can develop.
This peace means you are looked upon by God the Father as one of his precious little ones. And God takes mighty good care of his children.
This peace means you can look forward to a super, super eternal future. A heavenly one.
This peace means you can rest and stop fighting, stop being an enemy of God. Instead call him, 'Abba, Father'.
This peace fills your heart, changing it, quickening your 'dead' spirit, and you being repositioned to rightful standing with God.
This peace brings about a connecting, close relationship with God the Father.
This peace is beyond all our hopes and dreams of world peace. God's blessings are awesomely good!
This peace is an internal peace, an individual, loving, satisfying peace with an infinitely, loving, heavenly Father.
This peace won't end and will fill our hearts over and over and over and over beyond our hopes and dreams.

Jesus IS peace AND offers peace with God.
This peace is more glorious than world peace.
Peace with God is peace, indeed.


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