Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hear others tell how they found 'The Key', Part 1

 I've been thinking a lot about what God provides.

And, I've been thinking why people don't want what God provides.

Perhaps it's because they haven't really heard the 'Good News' in a way that will pierce through their thicken skulls.  (Yep, some of us have pretty impenetrable skulls).  God's had your back all this time, So, why reject the only One who's been nothing but good, loving, patient, and caring for you?

Are you listening?

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Unless you hear, you might not ever know. And, if you don't ever know, you'll likely completely  miss something that's too darn good to miss.

Every person is searching and needing to fill the space God created within your being. And that space can only be satisfied with God. Most people are looking in the wrong place by trying to fill that longing, that void with work, or games, or music, or family, or anything. Sure, it may satisfy for a while, but soon, that thing or person you'll soon discover is not 'the answer', and if you're not introduced to what is truly meant to fill that void for good, many miss out, give up,  and live a miserable existence.  So, I thought hearing a variety of people tell their story, might help pierce though a thick skull and lay some seed... some real, needed spiritual seed in your mind, heart...and most importantly, your soul.

I came across the videos below-- the names and personalities of some you may have heard of, and some you may not.   Listen to them tell first-hand how they came to reach out and God was there to provide what they had been searching and longing to find.

 In each video, listen to each personality describe something very different, something unique and special, which if you listen, might crack through a thick skull and hardened heart.

Their stories are amazing.

Lecrae, Rapper

Alice Cooper, music entertainer

Jason Witten, athlete

Alex Kendrick, film producer, best-selling author

Stephen Baldwin, actor

Michael W. Smith, singer/song-writer

 God is AMAZING! His grace, His mercy and His Love through His SON will fill that empty void yearning to be filled like you can't believe. 

 No matter where you came from, what your background, what you've done in the past, what sort of job or occupation you have, your status, or how much money you earn, the most critical, the most God-unbelieving person is searching for something which cannot be satisfied to the depth, width and height that Jesus can. He can satisfy the longing of your soul and turn your life around to something brand new. Yep, sounds unbelievable, but true. Jesus is it!

Only one key will open the lock to truly fulfilling your soul

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 If you're bored, and that void is getting bigger and bigger in your life, and nothing you've tried seems to  stick or's because the one key designed to turn the lock and be opened is through Jesus. He's 'key' to all that is life.  I pray YOU see that you can have the same deep-down-to-your-core fulfilling victory in your life that each of the personalities in the above videos have come to know.

When you're ready, Click here and see how amazingly simple God has made it to receive His 'SON' today. You can start living the life God so desires for you to be enjoying. A heart with Jesus is one which is alive with the Spirit of God.

From my experience, life so much better in every way compared to the person I was before I invited Jesus into my heart and life. The more I grow in faith and understanding in Christ, the better life keeps getting. My thick skull was finally penetrated with the Word of God and I'm so grateful before it was too late, to have my ears opened and heard God's Truth.

 LISTEN....His 'knock' is warm and gentle, patiently waiting for you to realize He is' The Key' that will open up all which you need that has lasting for a satisfying life.  Everything else is temporary and fleeting so it can never give you lasting joy.  Invite Him into your heart and life and start the journey of LIFE which promises so much better. 

Click here.

Remember, God is Spirit and the life which we've been created is in His become spiritually alive, and The Way is in the victory having defeated the curse of sin and death on the Cross... Christ Jesus is Lord!

----to be continued in Part II later this month.

 Until next time, keep trekking along that narrow path with his Glorious Light illuminating the Way.

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