Thursday, November 15, 2012

Prayers answered- Mahala's recovery is a miracle!

Last month I was compelled to write about a brave young lady named Malala.  She already had been for years standing firm and strong for the rights of females to be free to pursue an education.

score one for a brave soul fighting for fairness for all

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She is strong alright, and blessed in more ways than one.

Last month she has was targeted to be stopped and killed, but today she is recovering with the ideal  medical attention she's been receiving, but, I think more so for all the prayers from around the world that have been sent up to heaven in her behalf.

Images of Malaha

I really believe her remarkable recovery is nothing but a miracle!  She was shot in the head, but she continues to improve and her recovery is very optimistic! And it looks she's suffered no nerve damage- that is a miracle!
Thank you, God!

Now I pray,  'Dear Lord God, thank you for having a ear to hear and answer the millions of prayers for the healing of Malala. Please continue to seep her in your protective and healing arms. Bless her and her family and all who stand with her in her mission on Earth. May you see that she remains strong of body and mind for a long time. In Jesus's name, AMEN.

Here's some recent news of just a few days ago on what's happening with her.

Why should females be denied reading?

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Here's the link to my earlier entry about Malala.

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