Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trial marriage anyone?

 Trial marriage? What is this world coming to?  In Mexico, trial marriage may soon be available- making try-out-a-spouse legal to test if a 2-year trial run spouse works for ya.  I wonder if there's an exchange of vows at a trial marriage ceremony, and if so, maybe the vows go something like this-  'I promise to give you two trial test-years of my life as your beloved, and at the conclusion of our two year trial marriage contract, you or I can decide if two year marriage made us both happy and is worth going forth, or we can agree to end our trial marriage peacefully with no hard feelings, beloveds no more. With that said and both agreeing to,  let's give it a trial run, so help us God." Then, the couple is declared trial husband and trial wife. May they live happily for the duration of their contract.

After the two years are up, there's no need for a divorce. Just part and go separate ways. Pack you things and off you go, the trial marriage is over, no divorce papers to sign. Doing it this way, the divorce rate will decrease because it's eliminated. Just walk away free and clear to decide upon a trial  marriage with someone else  or until you find someone and your both decide it's the right trial spouse and you want to make it a permanent spouse and marriage rather then a trial one. 

Marriage has been reduced to sampling different pairs of shoes until you find just the right fit.

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Marriage is by definition a union, a joining together.  God created marriage to blend and connect two people together into one. ONE. You wouldn't want to sever your own arm or head or heart because it's joined with the other parts making you one complete body.  Marriage is supposed to be like you're super-glued together with the intention of never becoming unstuck from your spouse  What kills most marriages is jumping into a marital relationship without giving much thought or importance to what's required and involved  to maintain an exciting, thrilling, alive and happy marriage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Marriage requires daily effort on each party,  and that's the problem.  Many do not fully realize what is going to be required in a marriage before saying their vows.  Then, when it's discovered that give and take, communication, understanding and forgiveness is to be provided,  they aren't ready to give that,  so the marriage suffers.  Trial marriages brings the holy sanctity of marriage down to the level of short-term flings, which never do last.

A marriage was initially meant for the bonding and joining a man and female together to become one in the sight of God, to reproduce themselves and raise and nurture their children in the knowledge of God, to continue generation after generation.  Marriage is not to be taken lightly and marriage is much more than a legal means to bed with someone.  I understand there's a high percentage of divorces in Mexico, but children born of the union, now confused, have to become accustomed to their parents, once together, now separated.  It really is a shame that grown people do not realize innocent children born in a marriage are the one's suffering the most from their parents divorcing.  Couples should keep this in mind, being firmly committed with  a rock solid marriage first before deciding to bring children into the mix.  Marriage is supposed to be a commitment in which you never give up to make it a permanent union.

So, is trial marriage the answer? I see this as a legal way to change sleeping partners every two years and skip having to pay a divorce attorney.

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