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Ten Commandments reduced to two

Now and then I see car stickers that read, "Keep the Ten Commandments".   I ask myself why keep the Ten Commandments? In my limited knowledge of what I read in my Bible,  Jesus explained that the Ten Commandments are done away with and replaced with just two. Before Jesus came Moses presented the Ten Commandments from God on stone tablets for people to live by. But that was B.C. (before Christ).  When Jesus came, He summed the entire Ten Commandments into two things to do. Jesus broke it down into......... 

1. Love the Lord God with all your might, all your heart, all your mind and all your soul.
2. Love your neighbor as yourself. (your neighbor happens to be any person other than  yourself).

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The Ten Commandments can be grouped into two categories- what was pleasing to God in your relationship and worship of Him, and, how you are to relate with people.

Jesus summed these two categories also into- love God with all your might and love your neighbor as yourself.  Simple and to the point. Love. If you love, you are doing every commandment.   The Bible is full of stories of love and Jesus definitely showed us about love more than anyone else.

Bottom line- If you desire to know the mind of God and what's pleasing to Him, it's in His written Word, the Bible, and following after Jesus. The Bible is the written story of God's love for us. It's full of examples and people for us to learn from.  It does take time to read and comprehend and apply, but if you really are sincere to know, the Holy Spirit will reveal the mysteries of God's word to you a little at a time. The scriptures come alive and you'll be forever changed as the words in the Bible feed your soul unlike any other words from any other book ever can. Read it for knowledge of who God is, and the mighty love He has for you. God wants His precious creation, us,  to rely upon and trust Him. He is our loving, heavenly Father. When you have the Word in you, there's a change that happens from the inside and expresses itself on the outside in your actions and desires and wants. You'll be more apt to live your life in a manner more pleasing to God, thus showing your love to Him. You will be able to do things you never thought you could with God in your life.  And, when you love your neighbor as you love yourself, you're fulfilling God's Commandments.  God loves all, but hates the sin. We should make it our passion to love as God loves and be patient and forgiving as God is with us. Remember, when you do as Jesus would do, you're doing what's pleasing in God's sight.  Bottom line, the Bible is for you to discover all these wonderful things and to know God's commandments for His people.

Any comments?

scripture references- Matthew 22: 36-40; 1 John 5:1-3;John 14:15; 2John 6

Until next time, keep traveling the upward road with the bright Son as your guide........

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