Sunday, August 22, 2010

Love- the one thing we're all looking for

    I was blown away today by something that made a lot of sense. In America we overuse the word, 'love'.  We say we 'love' eating, we 'love' watching a certain television program, we 'love' a certain sport, we 'love' our pets, we 'love' chocolate, and of course, 'I love New York'.  What we're saying is we have a strong liking to something.   But the way we use it isn't really the way love is defined. There are three meanings of the word, 'Love'.  It can be agape love, which is the love that is the pure love that you would sacrifice of your self for another person. Then there's eros love, which is the sensual love between a husband and wife, and, third is brotherly love, like love for your fellow man. But most important is when you say you love someone, that person is going to think are you just saying the words? They are going to want you to show your love.  Love is a verb. And the ultimate example is no greater love than to lay down your life, to die for someone-that's showing agape love. God's already proved his love to us.  He sent His Son to die for you, so that you can live, and not die. Your soul will never be separated from God in heaven,  meaning you will never die. The instant you acknowledge that you're a sinner in need of a savior, and that Jesus paid the ultimate price for your sins, saving you from a spiritual death, you will be saved.  The moment you take your last breath, the flesh body, which will die because it's only temporary, but your soul, your spirit, the real you, will be quickened and made alive. If your sins have been forgiven, and this happens the instant you accept Jesus into your heart, you're adopted into the family of God.  And remember God is Spirit. And God has no limits or bounds. He is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I know of no other religion where love is shown to man by God Himself to prove how much He loves you, and wants your spirit to live and reside in heaven and not be away from His presence. In heaven, Jesus will be the only one with a non-perfect glorified body- His will be the one with wounds. That proves agape love. God spared not his own Son for the world.

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I'm not going to use the word 'love' so carelessly from now on.  I would 'like' very much to get your comments. Know that God loves you!
Read these scriptures John 15:13, John 3:16, John 1:1-14 (read the entire book of John)

I just came inside after cutting grass, got cleaned up and I took my homemade facial I blended out of the refrigerator. It was so nice and cool applying it to my face, then I took a 10 minute nap. This facial mixture, I'm calling it 'Afternoon Oat and Vitamin E Delight', was too thin to take a photo of it on my face because it's wasn't very thick, but perfectly fine on my face while napping, and very pleasant to smell, too. After my nap,  I rubbed the facial over my face with my fingers to get a light abrasion from the oatmeal, to rub off surface dead skin cells,  then took a damp washcloth to remove the remainder, and my face feels moist, soft, and delightful.
Here's what's in it- oatmeal (uncooked), Vitamin E oil, aloe vera oil, lavender essential oil, and yogurt mixed together.  This is very nice facial made of natural ingredients to relax with after working outside. I like it.
Oatmeal, Vit.E, aloe vera, and lavender essential oil facial

 Until next time, keep your best face toward the Son.

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