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Vulnerability with marijuana

Legalizing the smoking of marijuana is popular right now in the United States.
I recently read an article describing what happens to your body from smoking pot,
and one other very interesting article about happens on a spiritual level, which one
doesn't normally associate with mind-altering substances. It's anything but euphoric.

a substance provoking an altered mental state

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When your brain is influenced by THC and CBD, the main chemicals in cannabis, (commonly called marijuana, pot, weed, grass) you begin feeling pretty relaxed, and laid-back, which is known as 'feeling high or buzzed'.
When in this altered mental-state, the mind is vulnerable of a spiritual attack from a source many are completely unaware is constantly prowling about seeking it's next victim.

Allow me to elaborate in describing smoking pot is liken to answering a knock at your front door to receive a package while a robber enters through the back door and steals your most valuable possessions. It's all to easy for the 'robber' making his back door attack while you're basking in a mental high, off-guard, unsuspecting of an attack. The enemy enters undetected, without resistance- all too easy.

P.S. Your most valuable possessions are your soul and your spirit. And this robber is of a spiritual nature- the spiritual adversary, the devil and his army of cohorts.

The link below is to an interesting article. Read a few lines in each paragraph,  then....
skim down to the last 4 paragraphs at the end of this article right before the notes..

It's probably safe to say that teens across the country are thrilled that marijuana is being legalized in more States, with Colorado being the first.
I can imagine parents having discussions with their teens about smoking marijuana, then the tough decision to allow or forbid their teen to smoke pot.
A parents role and position is, to within their power, protect their children from potential harm of
any sort.

The risks of pot smoking comes with consequences far more reaching than a physical 'high'.

View this first video in a series delving into the question-'Is there harm in this controversial drug?'.
(I learned a lot viewing this video).

Bottom line- marijuana, and any mind-altering substance, should not be taken without knowing you're making your mind a target, fit and primed to be attacked by a prowling, roaring lion. 

Your soul and spirit will face either positive or negative consequences for your relational standing
for or against God. God wants you aware and alert especially about those things which can bring harm to you.
It would be wise to remain sober so you don't fall prey and suffer harm. God's Word is for your protection.

100 Bible verses on why be sober-minded. 

***Marijuana is not the only substance with mind-altering effects. But since it's being made legally available for public purchase, there are good odds that marijuana be a substance which many, both young and old are going to yield to, and indulge in, thereby placing themselves in an ineffective-for-the-Kingdom mental state. 

Ponder this. Not all things that look seemingly harmless are good for your body or your spirit. Satan still lies- 'surely you wouldn't die' was part truth and part lie. Marijuana may not kill you physically or strike you dead on the spot. But that doesn't mean what it does to your mental faculties isn't placing you in a 'compromising spiritual place' just like the first humans didn't believe they'd face spiritual consequences. Our fleshly wants keep us continually falling for the same traps satan has used over and over. If anything, being 'high' is time you're not effective for the kingdom of God and most likely you're not thinking about godly things. To the enemy, any and every thing is fair game that will render you preoccupied and useless for the Kingdom. So many still need to hear the Good News of the Gospel and your lifestyle speaks volumes about your faith. And satan wants your main focus to be on your flesh and 'feeling good' more than pursuing holiness and godliness.

1 Peter 5:8 Roaring lion on the prowl looking to devour
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Placing oneself in a position to be preyed upon is a dear cost to pay even for a temporary 'high'.

Spiritual consequences are far more lasting than any physical consequences.

Question- How does the ole devil deceive people? 
Answer-  He can't know your thoughts like God can, but he can read your actions. His influence is 
                upon our minds. His methods of operating are upon your thoughts with very subtle
                influences which will prevent, deter, or sway you from knowing the Word of God.
                (2Cor 4:4).
               The longer he can keep you from knowing he's around, the longer he goes about undetected
               and doing his devious doings. He's an evil spirit, invisible and he uses this to his advantage.
In this case, a mind under the influence of drugs or chemicals, is ripely vulnerable to an attack by a roaring, hungry lion.
(The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.-
Satan effectively ensnares unsuspicious, gullible victims by using the time-tested tools-   
                     Deceptions,  Doubt,  Discouragement,  Diversions,  Defeat and Delays. 
Steal     - in this case, take from you (without your permission) God's eternal promises and                                   blessings.
Kill      -   in this case, cause spiritual death
Destroy-  in this case, ruin, annihilate, obliterate you from being able to enjoy the good things
               God has planned for you.

                The results he's after are to keep you from knowing the truth about what's
                available to you through Jesus Christ (the forgiveness of all your sins), and unaware of the
                power you have over him when you're hooked up with Christ.
                He wants you to remain blinded of what he's doing, which is to steal from you your
                hope of spiritual, eternal life in heaven with the Father of creation.

                Cut him off from stealing the future God wants you to have and enjoy!
                Don't allow this spiritual adversary to be your god. (IJohn3:10)

                When you're mind is influenced by anything other than the Spirit of God, your mind is
                more vulnerable to deceptions and lies (devoured) and most likely being lead away from
                the things of God, making you an enemy of God and spiritually compromising
                your relationship with God. (James 4:4)

 Three things Satan wants to do.

   What defenses can you use to win against Satan?  Keep your mind and heart very close to the Word of God-feed daily upon it. Invite Jesus into your life and heart. Spiritual armor is what you need.

 There's an ongoing spiritual battle and one way to survive If you're unaware Satan wants to prevent you from knowing the good things spelled out for you in God's Word, you're clueless that you have the 'kryptonite' guaranteed to make the enemy flee from you.
 Jesus won spiritual victory over Satan on the Cross at Calvary. Jesus is our hero, our rescuer, our Lord. Satan is a defeated foe and loser, but if you don't know that, then unknowingly you're his defenseless prey and under his control.

I strongly recommend stop giving the spiritual enemy your mind to deceive and play with.
 However, it's your choice, your will and your future. God will not force anyone to choose to love Him or to follow His ways by force because by force or by demanding isn't his character nor would that show that you love and honor Him.

But know that the enemy continues to do every thing to deter you from knowing the truth about Jesus and God, and your mind is his #1 target in which he fills with lies, enticing your thoughts, emotions and desires. He's got centuries of experience with his very, very sly manipulations.

Great read-children of God and children of satan. 

This spiritual adversary usually makes noise of his presence in some way, giving clues of his doings. This is when we should get on our knees and call upon the spiritual defenses from the Word of God
which we can freely call to for spiritual and physical protection and safety.

The Word is my protection in love from my heavenly Father
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**mind-altering substances in this discussion are limited to those taken without doctor's approval.

** an enemy or thief takes action when you're most vulnerable or least aware of an  attack/strike. 

And if there's any possibility the main drug in marijuana has the potential to stunt cognitive functioning, especially in adolescents, why risk insult to your brain functioning if you don't have to?       

Until next time, I'm blanketed, swaddled safe and warm within the spiritual protection of my Father's Living Word.

And you?

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